Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Couple of Workouts

July 28, 2013

Quick workout as this week is stupid busy.

Bench vs Bands
Avr x 4 x 5r - really make my elbows feel better. A bit tougher after Fridays AW.

A bunch of heavy hammer rotations.

July 30, 2013

SSB Squats
WU to 295 x 4 x 5r

245 x 3 x 8r

Work done between core sets

BW x 2, 5, 5, 5, 5

Tempo EZ Curls w/Manus 3030
65 x 10
75 x 2 x 10r

Reverse EZ Curls
35 x 40r

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Deficit Pulls

July 25, 2013
Before Supper

Well first time doing deficit pulls from 4" and I think they went ok. Didn't get to do my overhead work yesterday as work is getting crazy busy and I'm stressed to the frigging nuts so I've been pretty much sleeping every free moment I've got. Pushed my pull workout to today as we're going to have arm wrestling practice tomorrow.

I'm also thinking I'm much stronger if I pull heavy every other week vs every week. For whatever the reason where I've had to mis a pull workout then hit it the next week I feel way better. I think I should just be hitting extra squats or GM's every other week.

These banded presses are making my joints feel a lot better as well. Today there was barely any wobble to the bar, thusly stronger whereas on Monday that bugger was flipping around a bit.

4" Deficit Deadlifts - No belt of course
135 x 5, 3
225 x 1
315 x 1
405 x 1
455 x 1

Regular Deadlifts
405 x 2 x 10r

Banded Benching - 3030 Tempo
Avr x 2 x 10r

Monday, July 22, 2013

Fibromangina Flare Up

July 22, 2013

Fibromangina flare up today. 80% humidity suckage. Babied the arms a bit and took the evening off of armwrestling practice.

I also had a very long break after my 4th squat set. I did the 5th but was already pretty much cold so I stopped there. Fibromangina.


Banded Bench vs Average Band x 4 x 5r

Circus Bell - right only
Hops x 3r plus assist and hold x 2sets

Before Supper

SSB Squat
65 x 2 x 5r
155 x 2 x 5r
245 x 2
335 x 5 x 3r

HC 2" Crusher Side Pressure
15 x 10
20 x 2 x 10r

Tempo EZ Curls w/Manus 4040
65 x 3 x 10r
85 x 10

Conc Curl Iso's
65 x 1 - kinda tweaky

DeFranco SS
25/5 x 12-12

Skullcrusher w/Manus
85 x 10 - kinda tweaky

Band Curls w/Manus
MM x 25-20

Friday, July 19, 2013

Freaking Done!

July 19, 2013
Before Supper

I'm frigging gimped! I went to workout at lunch and my arms got hit with so much pain I came upstairs; slathered on liniment; ate a mitt full of ibuprofen and napped for 20 minutes to wait for the pain to subside.

I tried again tonight but my left is in so much pain from my elbow down that my hand is numb. Wrapped a tube around it and did some rotations but its still effed.

What I did do.

Deficit Deadlift
135 x 2 x 2r
225 x 2 x 2r

DB Hammer Curl
65 x 5

DB Rotations
40 x 15, 20

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Outside Playing with the Snatch

July 17, 2013

First day playing with my new circus bell and getting some good hops out of it. Fun stuff. The globes are so big though if you attempt to stop the rotation by putting your finger on one you quickly imbalance it. The only way to do assisted lifts is right at the handle.

I'm also going to be in poo-poo as I busted up some of the landscaping tiles under my lifting matt outside during the snatches. I'll have to get at building a proper platform.....then fix my damage.

Shoulders were a bit niggly so I didn't push them to far and it began to rain as I was doing the pulls so I cleaned up and came inside.

1a) Hip Hinge Snatches
45 x 2 x 5r
95 x 3
135 x 3 x 3r - Each set felt significantly stronger but the shoulders were going and my footing was getting really uneven.

1b) Circus Bell
165# x Hops x 2 x 3r
Assisted lifts and negs x 3r

2) DeFranco Shoulder Shocker
25/5 x 3 x 10r

3) Band Pull-Aparts
Mini x 3 x 50r

Before Supper

Sumo Deadlifts - Really work on just using hams and glutes
225 x 2 x 5r
275 x 3
345 x 3 x 8r

Monday, July 15, 2013

Shoulder Pump

July 15, 2013
After Supper

I was going to do some light benching tonight as my shoulder was feeling a bit niggly again and I spent a lot of time with the TENS machine last night. Then I figured against that as its never made me feel better when I've been sore in the past. Then I remembered what I did in the past; I used the DeFranco Shoulder Shocker. Used it again tonight and I feel awesome. Shoulders are very pumped up as well. Blood flow = recovery.

DeFranco Shoulder Shocker
25# & 5# Plates
Non-stop circuit
I could barely move my arms after

Band Pull-Aparts
Mini x 4 x 25r

Squats & Grip

July 15, 2013

Used my SSB today for the first time in a while to give my arms a break and to work on staying upright. Holy man! This needs to get used again for 4-6 weeks. Way tougher than it should've been.

SSB Squat
WU to 365 x 5 x 1r
285 x 3 x 5r - 90s rests

Grip between the first squat run

Napalm's Nightmare Lifts
190 x 2 x 5r
235 x 8, 8, 6

Red Rafter Hand Control Iso's
5# x 5 x 1r

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Tempo Bench & Napalm's Nightmare

July 9, 2013

A easy 3030 tempo bench workout to test my shoulder and some putzing around with my Napalm's Nightmare (very spinny). This has definitely more spin than either of my Rolling Thunders.

Tempo Bench Press 3030
WU to 225 x 5 x 5r

Some 40# Blobbing

Napalm's Nightmare Lifts
WU to 280 x 2, 1
235 x 10 - Blew up my flexors good.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Quick Squat Workout

July 8, 2013
Before Supper

Had to cut the workout short to go look at a car I eventually bought. A nice little diesel Jetta. Be nicer mileage for running back and forth to practice.

WU to 395 x 3, 3, 3, 3, 6

Saxon Bar Pulls
155 x 3
175 x 1
195 x 1
210 x 1
220 x 1

Blobbing with the 40 lots

Friday, July 5, 2013

Sumo Pulling

July 5, 2013

First time doing sumo pulls outside of axle lifts in a few years. I was pretty confident I could've gotten 4-5 reps on my final set but my goddamn fingers were digging into my leg and stopped me from locking out the third rep.

All sets were done beltless and with an alternate grip after 405 in the warm-ups. I didn't have time for my squats and rows as I'm in the middle of a bid submission.

1) Sumo Deadlift
WU to 505 x 2.5r - pissed me off

2) CV Deadlift
455 x 3, 3, 3, 6

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Hey Brah! Workout

July 3, 2013
Before Supper

Just getting a bit more work in. Still wanting a bit of recovery. I think I need Guy to crush out my left bicep though. Since doing my right and having some time to recover it feels much stronger. So much so that my left feels weak in comparison which is the exact opposite of what anybody tells me at the table.

DB Rows w/Manus
85 x 3 x 10r

Alt DB Hammer Curls - Fairly Strict
65 x 2 x 8r
Drop Sets
2 x 65 x 8 - 40 x 8 - 25 x 8

2-3/8" Wrist Roller - F/E
105 x 2, 1

Log Pressing

July 3, 2013

First day pressing in a whole as I was giving my shoulder a break. Kept today manageable and it was also my first time adding weight to my new 12" bar. I'll do some back and bicep work after work today.

12" Log Bar SC C&P
90 x 2 x 5r
140 x 3
160 x 3
180 x 3
110 x 20, 15

Monday, July 1, 2013

Swamp Ass Squatting

July 1, 2013

Holy crap it's a miserable day for exertion. 30'C and 80% plus humidity. The sweat started when I was just stretching out with the bar.

I worked up to 390 x 6 on the final set. I was hoping for 7 but I figured it'd be to much of a fight and I want to stay away from that right now and to keep progressing relatively easy. I think I'll also add onto my yearly goals squatting 405 x 10 with a belt. I'd still like to hit a raw 500 x 1 paused squat as well.

I also left the pressing alone today as well to keep recouping the shoulder. It feels okay today but its the first one like this without feeling anything niggly in it.

1) Squat - Added Rehband belt and sleeves on the work sets
45 x 2 x 5r
135 x 3
225 x 3
315 x 2
365 x 1
390 x 3, 3, 3, 3, 6

2) Straight Bar GM's
335 x 3 x 5r - Probably should be working these at over 400#. I'm well stronger on GM's than squats.

Grip and hand control stuff done between core work sets.

1) RT Pulls
98 x 2 x 5r
123 x 3, 3, 3, 9.5/8

2) Thumbless RT Iso's
98 x 20s/15s, 20s/15s, 20s/18s

3) 2.5" Crusher HC Iso's
70 x 30s, 35s