Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Vulcan and the Blob

Reverse kinked some 1/4" square CRS and flattened out a bunch of previously bent reds, bastards and steelworks stock. 

Warm-up lvl 3 x 5, lvl 4 x 5, lvl 5 x 3

Chokers @13mm
R-#3.5 x vvn, vvn
L-#E x n, f

Aarons program with the Vulcan. 

Blob50 negatives x 1 x 4

32.5# Blob curls (chalked)
R - 8, 8, 8
L - 7, 7, 5

2HP Rubber Banded Pony Clamp
50, 50

Approximately 10 minutes with the signature power-ball

Saturday, November 27, 2010

GNC Grippers

Went to GNC yesterday and bought a pack of the heavier 3 grippers for $19.99.
1st opinion is that I like them, especially for that price. Pretty stiff grippers as well. The 250 is about 150# RGC and the 300 feels to be about 165-170#. I also like that they have a little narrower spread for easier setting, smaller diameter handles (11/16" I think) so that they work for BTR for 3/4" handles and that the handles are steel so nice and weighty feeling.
So far the only thing I font really care fir is the knurling. It feels like Heavy Grips or Bonecrusher knurling which kind of has a greasy feel to me. I'd rather have non at all as this stuff doesn't really do much of anything.
Other than that is how well the springs wear but only time will tell with that one.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Vulcan and the Blob

Quick workout during the day today. I'm going to get using my Vulcan again to change things up as well as some choker and straphold stuff to keep the final bit up. One thing I noticed is that David de-rated a bunch of the approximate levels as they compare to IM grippers. My Vulcan is definitely closer if not a bit tougher than the old ratings. E.g. A level 9 on my Vulcan feels like it's just around 142-145# or a light #3.

Anyways here it is:

Modified Aaron gripper program w/Vulcan

27.5# Blob curls (chalked)
8, 8, 8

Approximately 10 minutes with the signature powerball.

Misc. Grip

November 23,  2010
I recieved my Thor GM and Elite grippers from Chad K. last night...I love them buggers. That GM is by far the deepest set gripper I have. It feels like a nice tough #3. That Elite is another story, waaay tougher than my other 2 Elites, possibly nearing more like my Super Elite or #3.5. I love the stamp on them as well. Neato.
I'm getting an idea floating around about really concentrating on my pinch. Especially when I can stay inside when it's -36'C like today :-) So it may be kettlebells for my core lifting and RT, crusher, v-bar, pinch, grippers, 2HP, thick handled DB, bending and blobs for the winter.
I think I may have to contact Rob Russell about some good heavy KB routines.
I also have buggered my right elbow again, on the outside. I'm damn sure it's the reverese bending. I haven't felt like this since I was doing a ton of it about a year ago and this spring.
Today during work:
Concentration Curls with my 27.5# blob, no chalk and reaaally greasy feeling.
3 sets of 8 with a quick set down and regrip on each rep to ensure I started at the bottom and from a dead stop.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

SCF L3 Rim & Grippers

Yesterday I gave another crack at kinking a shoe over my right leg and got it finally. I usually kink over my left and do my sweep and crush over the right. I've been having problems with my final crush on my max bends. David Wigren gave me the tip to do it all on the right so that's what I'm doing.

It was a SCF L3 rim and the kink was easy but because of the legs going different directions I had some problems figuring out the rest. I eventually got it but the bugger cooled to much to finish right off.

Tonight I did some quick grippers:


3/4" Block Set
R #3 x vn, vvn
L GM x vn, vvn

Choker @ 12mm
R #3.5 x 1, vvn
L E x vn, n

Modified Aaron Gripper Work

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Gripper Test, Powerball & Pain

Well I had a good long weekend with the wedding and all. I ended up receiving my parcel from Jon with a bunch of different sized 0-1 drillrod and 1/4" square CRS amongst a ton of other stuff.

I reverse bent a few chunks of the 17/64 x 7" drillrod fairly easily but fought with a 7" length of the square for quite a bit. I can't get it past about 15' or so. Tough stuff (for me anyways lol).

Anyways all of the reversing I did tweaked my elbows bad again. They're not feeling to bad now but I think they could be aggravated easy enough.

One of the gifts we received was a Powerball-Signature Series. That's a fun little bugger. I got it up around 11,000 rpm so far with my right, the left lags dramatically.

Anyways, between putsing around with that I tested grippers and my elbows screamed immediately.

I was a hairs breadth off of my easy elite with my right and my easier GM with the left. My hands and arms were killing me after my first attempts and I know they didn't have the right gusto as the 2nd and 3rd attempts were better.

I know damn well my grip has strengthened due to Aarons program as I tested on a whim a couple of weeks ago.

One thing I'd do is add some choker work to work on more snap and top-end strength.

Now with everything behind me I can get back on track with all of my lifts.

Friday, November 12, 2010


1st throw - hammer broke
55' 2"
55' 1"
55' 1"
54' 3"

Bunch of crappy throws and drills

29' 2"
29' 4"
29' 5"
29' 2" stumbled

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

101110 1st Braemer Workout

First Braemer Stone Workout

Braemer stone - 32.5# Blob
Right hand:
18' 8"
18' 11"
18' 5"
19' 4"
20' 9" fouled
20' 6"

Had to stop to go shopping. This is a hoot! Hopefully I can get some light hammer and HWFD in tomorrow or later. The time change is sucking up all of my damn daylight for practicing :-)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

101109 SCF L2 Attempt

Playing with Stone Lifting

Yesterdays Puttering Around

November 8, 2010
During my lunch break at work I pushed on my Steelworks CRS 3/8 x 7" a few times. I don't think I moved it past the wobble I gave it the other day. I put my Huge Golden in the wraps and tried it a couple of times without success, man that thing flexes a lot!
After I did my DO attempts/iso's I grabbed my adjustable Elite (~155/6) and got 3 closes MMS. I think if a guy does the grippers right at the tail end of bending the CNS might still be nice and ramped up to carry over to grip similar as doing squats. Have to do them before the crash though I'm thinking.
I had full intentions of getting a good workout in when I got home from work but I was just to mentally fried. Instead when I took the dog out for a biological break I did some stone work by picking up my ~200# Atlas stone to the chest about 5-6 times. I then moved some of my weights out of the basement to the garage, including my 2.3" diameter handled dumbell and did a few picks and holds with it. I think I've got about 130# on it. I then did some double hubbing and called it a night.
Another couple of days of gripper rest and I'll test my crush and report back my findings for Aaron's gripper experiment.

Friday, November 5, 2010

2 hits and a degree or 2

SteelWorks CRS 3/8" x 7"

Well I'm going to see if I can put some (a teeny bit) of hurt on this bugger later. There's a few of us on the Benders Battlefield that are racing for a FBBC KIng of all Bastards (KOAB) cert bend. Rindo is in the lead I'm thinking but most of those other brutes aren't far behind. I haven't received my official FBBC stock for trying this yet but I figure I may as well be hitting this chunk. Their 5/16" feels just like the IM Reds I've bent so this should be just under a actual KOAB I'm thinking (without calibrating of course).

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Grippers, throwing drills, pinch & snatch

Aaron's gripper experiment at work.

Hw spin and drop drills (can't remember the actual name) x a whole bunch, both sides.

1 Arm Axle Snatches
33# x 5/5
83# x 3/3, 3/3, 3/3
93# x 1/1, 1/1, 1/1, 1/1

2HP @ 48mm
Device (66#)plus *
50# x 5
60 x 5
80 x 5
90 x 5
100 x 3
105 x hop (did a bunch of L blobs to show the boy and his buddy it's possible. Now I can't do my 2HP hahaha)
105 (171# total) x 2

2-25's Hula x 30 Chewed the heck outta my thumbs! Should've gloved up.

Edmonton Yellowpages 07/08 - ~1,900 pages

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My New Project: Loadable Inch Trainer

I figured I can zap this up pretty quick. Almost made it last weekend but ran out of O2 for my torch.

It should weigh in at about 102# empty and has capacity for about 0.605 cubic feet so the weight could be added to make it quite unliftable if I ever wanted to. I think this'll be a great training item as well as medley item for the comp this spring.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Interview with Rob Russell

Interview with Rob Russell

Awesome interview done on the Garage Gym site about a damn strong dude, Rob Russell.

Did some bedtime bending

Did a couple of bends last night before bed.
Put a bastard in the wraps still rolled from the mag bastard and squished it good.
Rolled up a red and iso'd some reverse for a bit.

Wow! I feel throwing muscles!

Cripes! I can sure feel the effects of the bit of throwing yesterday. These muscles (dunno, some kind of serratus or oblique) sure got hit. Easiest way to define it is my back ribs towards the sides. Niiice :-)

One thing I know, I've never hit these muscles with a barbell.

On a side note I deviated from aaron's program a bit and just tested with my Elite and I'm still shutting it which is surprising because I don't feel very sharp or on today but it went relatively easily so it's doing what it's supposed to.

I sure like the strongman stuff and am really liking the heavy athletics that I've tried.