Monday, August 31, 2015

W1 SB - Bench

August 31, 2015
Before Supper
262.6# - too much salt on the weekend

Week 1. Didn't wear wraps tonight. I think I'll give them a rest for a while until I start working over 300# again.

34" (ring finger on rings) Bench - Paused
45 x 3 x 8r
135 x 4
185 x 2
225 x 2
245 x 1
265 x 6 x 2r

22" 2-Board Press
275 x 1
295 x 3
Cluster Set - need to up weight next week 275 x 3-3-3-3-2-2-2-2-2

DB Upright Row
40e x 3 x 10r

Paused T-Bar Row
180 x 5 x 6r

EZ Skullcrushers
85 x 10, 10, 10, 8

Sunday, August 30, 2015

W1 - New Cycle - Squats

August 31, 2015

Week 1. Start of a new cycle. If anyone's interested I can let you know how I finally laid things out. It's a 10 week cycle with some of my stuff and others.

Niggled my back a little coming up from my last squat rep. Hope it's nothing.

45 x 4 x 3r
135 x 3
225 x 2
315 x 1
365 x 7 x 3r

Seated Band Leg Curl w/hold
Avr + MM x 3 x 10r

Seated DB Shrug w/3s contraction
65e x 3 x 10r

McGill Pull-ups - Wide
BW x 9r

Standing Band Crunch
HY x 3 x 15r

Friday, August 28, 2015

Deload Bench and an Ugly Mini-card Deck Tear

August 28, 2015
Before Supper

Deload. First time playing with my bench block. I think I'll get a bunch of use out of it.

Bench Press - 22" Grip, 2-Board
45 x 3 x 10r
135 x 5
185 x 5
225 x 3
Cluster Set - 10 breaths between mini-sets
275 x 3-3-3-2-2-2-2

Ring Rows
BW x 3 x 10r

Decided to try a mini-deck tear today too. It went. Ugly but she went. First time trying this in probably a couple of years. Some stuff is starting to come back as far as technique tweaks.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Deload Deads - Learn to Sumo

August 27, 2015
Before Supper
BW 261.0#

Deload. Figured while on my deload I may as well start with a couple form changes for my next cycle; sumo and hook grip. Never done a lot of sumo in the past and my main cue is to try and tea-bag the bar. As for hook grip I don't think I've done much of it for a couple of years but I know my last deadlift PR's were with a hook.

I worked up until my last two work sets using the hook then went to the straps. First time in ages for these as well. I tried a reverse grip pull for my second rep of my first set and it felt like crap. Thumbs are nice and numb now anyways and are getting a little colour under the nails.

Sumo Deads
135 x 3 x 3r
225 x 2
315 x 2
365 x 1
405 x 1
455 x 5 x 2r

T-bar Rows
135 x 30

Band GM's
HY x 30

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Deload - Bench

August 25, 2015
Before Supper

Deload. Decided to see if I can still tear cards. Yep. Not as fast or fluid as the old days and it did hurt the skin but she still got done.

Bench Press - Ring on Ring
45 x 3 x 8r
135 x 5
185 x 3
225 x 2
255 x 2
275 x 5 x 2r

BW x 3 x 10r

Meadows Row
50 x 10
75 x 3 x 10r

Monday, August 24, 2015

Deload Squats - Learning High Bar

August 24, 2015
Before Supper
BW 261.2#

Deloading. Decided to play with high bar squats for a changed. Guessed they'd be 10% less than my low bar so about 475 for a 1RM but I haven't tested it. These chewed up a new spot on the back and took a bit to feel stable. Also was something different for figuring out depth.

Use 5x2r at 80% or 5x3r at 70% for deloading. Light enough to not be stressful but enough work that a guy shouldn't regress.

High Bar Squat
45 x 4 x 3r
135 x 3
225 x 2
315 x 1
335 x 5 x 3r

KB Farmers Walk
90e x 4 laps, ~1:30 - 2:00

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Press Assistance

August 22, 2015
Before Supper

An assistance day. Moved pretty quick. Thinking again after some more reading and listening. If a guy's getting stronger he should be able to handle more volume too. Going to keep my reps per set low over the next cycle as shown but I'm going to keep the assistance reps at 5 and under and increase the amount of sets. We'll see how she goes.

Spoto Press - 3s Pauses
45 x 3 x 8r
135 x 5
185 x 3
225 x 2
255 x 6 x 4r

Paused D-handle Pulldowns
175 x 6 x 4r

Face Pulls x 100r

BW Skullcrushers x 3 x 15r

Band Curls (hooked to the rack and using an EZ attachment. Feels like a preacher with more on the bottom)
LT x 3 x 15r

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Deload - Back

August 20, 2015
Before Supper

Deload Back. Just some futzing around. 

T-Bar Row w/D Handle
90 x 8
135 x 8
180 x 8
225 x 3 x 8r

McGill Chins w/Rock Rings - Slow Ecc
BW x 15r total - singles and doubles

Farmers Picks & Holds
140e x 10s
210e x 10s
260e x 10s
310e x ~13s

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

New Program

Well some thoughts on some new programming to work at some higher percentages and lower reps to coincide with the need to spare muscle, diminish glycogen/ATP need, and stay fresh.

Bench. Something I thought up a while back kinda based on some of Jake Sullivan's programming that worked well for me a while back. Basically it'll be start with 7x3r with the last set pushed to an AMRAP, RPE9. Once I fail to hit the minimum reps on that set (3) I'll drop to 7x2r for the next week with the same philosophy and when that stalls out I'll go to 7x1r. This should get me to 95% plus at about 8 weeks. Deload the next week the attempt a new PR and take another run. Assistance will be upper back, triceps, deltas. For a second day I'll be working the Spoto, floor, and pin pressing.

Squats: I'll do it similar to the above but Jake's method with only 3 worksite then dropping to some AMRAP at 85% of the working weight, pause squats, etc.

Deads. On of Rex's programs I've had success with before. I think I'll work my hook grip again. Looking back in my notes that's how I achieved my last PR. Pain makes me move haha!

Week 1: Work up to a 1RM, 5x1r with 90-95% of that days max
Week 2: Work up to a 1RM, 3x5r with 80% of that days max
Week 3: No reads, just back accessories

Repeat cycle twice more trying to add singles on week 1.

On the 2nd week of the 3rd cycle cut to 3x3r with 80% and no accessories.

Attempt a max on week 10.

Some kind of back work every workout and get some light farmers walks in every week.

That's the plan anyways.

Friday, August 14, 2015

W7 - Press Accessory

August 14, 2015
Before Supper

Week 7. Feel really beat up from yesterday's workout. Kept it minimal today.

Spoto Press - 3s Pauses
45 x 3 x 8r
135 x 5
185 x 3
225 x 2
250 x 6 x 4r

Paused KB Row - 3s
86 x 6 x 4r

Some clubbell work for my shoulders.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

W7 - Deads

August 13, 2015
Before Supper

Week 7. Felt okay but the big lifts weren't there today. Might be mental and that I've lost 6# in the past week. Not the opportune time to diet in the last couple of peak weeks but I'm disgusted with being a fatty again. Time to drop to around 230 again. 

I also think I need to play more at 90% plus with my pulls to feel the grind. When they start getting up there I just stall. Think I'll probably keep working at 90% and better with a couple of chains to help push my finish. 

Warm-up within 10 minutes
Squat 45/45/95/135 x 5
Pulldown 150 x 15
Low Row 150 x 15

135 x 4, 3, 2
225 x 2
315 x 1
365 x 1
405 x 1
455 x 1
495 x 1
525 x 1
545 x 1
555 x F
495 x 3 x 1r

495 +1 chains x 1
495 +2 chains x 1

D Pulldowns 
150 x 2 x 15r

D T-bar Row
135 x 2 x 15r

BW x 2 x 25r

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

W7 Bench 12 Worksets Cause I Suck

August 11, 2015
Before Supper

Week 7. Well I missed my 4th rep on the first set. I think it's just too big of a jump for me. I was close though and held it for a bit. It would've been a 345 max based on the 4 so I went up to 305 for triples which would be 335 so well over 90% for my work sets.

I focused on my pauses more and went for way longer pauses with the 315's and they felt good. Tried 325 for a long pause but it was just to much at this point in my workout anyways.

Bench Press
45 x 4 x 8r
135 x 5
185 x 4
225 x 2
255 x 1
275 x 1
Start recording
300 x 3
305 x 3, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2
315 x 4 x 1r

CG Bench
225 x 3 x 7r

Giant Set
Body weight Skullcrushers x 3 x 20r
Face Pulls MM x 3 x 20r
Band Curl MM x 3 x 20r

Monday, August 10, 2015

W7 JJ - Squat

August 10, 2015
Before Supper

Week 7. Gail came down and started to work with the weights again. Proud of her as it's big deal to come and get wobbly legs and try this stuff again in front of me. Built a really simple A/B workout with a hinge, press, pull, abs, and arm component. Everything for 3 x 8r although some are at 3 x 5r until she gets dialed in a bit. Progression will be based on bettering these reps for a bit. 

Happy to hit another front squat PR with 365# x 1 with a belt and my TK sleeves. I'll back off from here to ramp up again over the next 8 week cycle.

Front Squat
45 x 4 x 3r
135 x 3
185 x 1
225 x 1
275 x 1
315 x 1
335 x 1
365 x 1

225 x 2 x 4r 
315 x 1
365 x 1
390 x 1 - didn't feel "right"
315 x 5 - nope. Hips don't like it today. 

Hip Belt Squats
90 x 10
135 x 3 x 10r

Video for Geralt

Saturday, August 8, 2015

W6 Press Assistance

August 8, 2015

Week 6.

Spoto Press - Full 3 second pauses
45 x 3 x 10r
135 x 5
185 x 3
225 x 2
245 x 6 x 4r

Paused T-Bar Row w/fat D - 3 second contractions
135 x 4
189 x 5 x 4r

Kneeling One-armed LM Press
90 x 6/- drop weight until I get my form dialed in
70 x 10

DB Row
125 x 10

Thursday, August 6, 2015

DB Row 100 x 46/45

August 6, 2015
Before Supper

Week 6. Bit of a deload before trying to PR on pulls next week. Gave a crack at the dumbbell row challenge and failed out but I think I've got it without having trained biceps and lats the day before so I'll try again Saturday.

SLDL out over toes
135 x 2 x 8r
185 x 8
225 x 2 x 8r

Strapless DB Row
100 x 47 right, 45 left - like Josh said, "deep water"

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

W6 - RBBP 290 x 5 x 4r

August 5, 2015
Before Supper

Week 6. Couldn't get my 5's today either so I figured I'd go with 4's for 4-5 sets to stay at the high end of the Prilepin table. The 4th and 5th set I widened my grip back out to my middle fingers back on the rings and think I'm stronger there and probably could've gotten my 5's with that grip.

Bench Press
45 x 3 x 10r
135 x 5
185 x 3
225 x 2
255 x 1
275 x 1
290 x 5 x 4r

CG Bench - my triceps are apparently cooked
255 x 4
225 x 6, 5

Stiff Arm Pulldowns
100 x 3 x 10r

Band Pushdowns LT x 4 x 20r
Band Curls MM x 4 x 20r

W6 - RBBP Attempt 1

Week 6. Crappy attempt at a workout. I'll try again tomorrow. I ended up taking the afternoon off of work nauseas and with a nasty headache and ended up sleeping until 4. Tried to get some pep for the workout but it wasn't there. Yesterday's squats probably have something to do with it as well I'm guessing. 

Bench Press
Warm-up to 290 x 4, 4, 3

I was supposed to get 5's but I think it's too much of a jump based on a projected max. Got pinned attempting a 5th on the first set, feet skipped out and got pinned attempting a 4th on the last set. Good enough time to call it and regroup. 

Monday, August 3, 2015

W6 JJ - Squat 470 x a few

August 3, 2015

Week 6. Didn't eat today but felt okay. Paused the last 470 rep for funzies.

45 x 4 x 3r
135 x 3
225 x 2
315 x 1
365 x 1
405 x 1
435 x 1
455 x 1
470 x 2, 2, 2, 2, 1, 1

Hatfield Squat
44 x 3
134 x 3
224 x 2
314 x 2 x 8r

Heavy Band Crunch 3 x 15r

Enough. Got barbecue to eat mang!