Tuesday, January 31, 2017

W3 Squat

January 31, 2017
Before Supper

Week 3 squat. I'm no scientist or anything but the way my hamstrings get hit from back squats seems to dispute a lot of the "new" info out there that it's mainly quad with some glute at lockout.

Front Squat
135/185/205/225/245 x 2r

WU to 315 x 5 x 5r

V-Grip Chins between sets BW x 2/3/4/3/4/5/4/5/6/3/4/5/1 (50r)

Seated Band Leg Curls Avr x 20/20/15 - ouch!

Hanging Leg Raise x 3 x 8r

Monday, January 30, 2017

W3 Press

January 30, 2017

Week 3 press. Sicker than dog-vom the last couple of days. Had a good bout of shivers and cold sweat last night so it must be gone just in time to head back to the basement.

I also went to watch a strongman comp on Saturday in Red Deer. I think I could do "okay" in the 230 class now that I'm down there. I need to rebuild a bunch of strength though that was lost during the past years dieting. Hopefully a bunch of it should come back quick once I balance my calories out again.

Seated BB Press - 90'
WU to 145 x 5 x 6r

DB Rows between sets 100e x 10 x 3r, 25r

Y Band Pulls between sets M x 3 x 20r

2s Spoto Press 230 x 4 x 4r

Band Pressdowns M+LT x 35, 25, 20, 20

Friday, January 27, 2017

B3 Pulls

January 27, 2017

Block 3 pulls. Got misgrooved on my 545 Pull so I just dropped to some singles at 495 with 45s rests.

WU to
495 x 1
545 x f - thought too much
495 x 4 x 1r - 45s rests

Hip Belt Squat w/Landmine
WU to 4p x 3 x 8r

+25(261) x 3 x 1/2/3r

GHR Crunches 3 x 15r

Thursday, January 26, 2017

B2 Squat & W4 Bench

January 24, 2017

Block 2 squats.

Front Squat WU to 235 x 4
Angled Chins BW x 2 x 2/4/6r

Crap work. Failed on my 5th rep where I can get 10 with that weight easy. Had a big dive in bodyweight as well as some gut issues. Wanted to try it again on Wednesday but I was still rough so I just skipped it.

January 26, 2017

Was supposed to do 4x4 but not being able to keep good air past 3 reps really buggers me up. I just hit additional volume and used triples.

I lose too much tightness trying to rep quick as well. Much stronger if I take a good pause with each rep.

Left delt is starting to bug me again. This is what threw me off this time last year.

Bench Press
WU to 265 x 7 x 3r

Paused DB Rows during warmups
120e x 10 x 3r - left hand did a lot of popping during the first rep.

Pullaparts during worksets
MM x 5 x 25r

Bench w/Red SS
265 x 2 x 5r

Monday, January 23, 2017


January 23, 2017

Week 1 of starting some overhead work. Going to use Kroc's bench progression.

Seated BB Press - 90' Back
WU to 135 x 5 x 8r

DB Rows between sets 100e x 10 x 3r, 25r

Spoto Press 3ct - 225 x 4 x 4r
Facepulls M x 4 x 20r

Dip (283#) x 3 x 8r

Friday, January 20, 2017

B1 Deads

January 20, 2017
Before Supper

Block 1 deads. Glad to be done all of the driving and early rises the last two days. Not really a bundle of energy.

Snatch Grip Deads from 7" Blocks
WU to 275 x 3 x 10r

Hip Belt Squat
WU to 3p x 3 x 12r

Weighted Chins (265) x 4 x 1/2r

Landmine 180's 1p x 3 x 8r - better see how these feel before I start pushing seeing as it's my first go at them.

BB Curl - bit of English 135 x 4 x 5r

Simoniz by niggled shoulder (left).

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

W3 RBBP Bench

January 18, 2017

Week 3 RBBP Bench. Gail was distracting me on my first set so I just dropped the weight so she could keep chatting.

Bench Press
WU to 255 x 4
250 x 4 x 5r - did an extra set just because

Paused DB Rows during warm-ups 100e x 10 x 3r

Pullaparts during Bench work sets MM x 4 x 25r

WG (middle finger on ring) 155 x 20, 12

Triceps are feeling overworked. Thinking about dropping the weight and upping the pauses on the Spoto pressing and doing more chest oriented assistance on my main press day.

I also didn't do an AMAP set on the rows. Thinking I may just do that once per week as well.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017


January 17

Just some grip.

1.5" Blockset Grippers
R - 3 singles with my hard 2.5
L - 3 singles with my hard, cut 2

Dime holds. Same grippers. Parallel set. 2 sets of 8-10 seconds each.

Euro Wrist Curls 60 x 3 x 8r

Euro Picks
WU to 165 x 4, 4, 6 immediately to 135 x 10

Grip Machine
20# x 12
40# x 2 x 6r

Pony Pinch 2 x 25r

Monday, January 16, 2017

B3 Squat

January 16, 2017
Before Supper

Block 3 squats. First heavyish single since I was doing front squats regularly back in 2015. I was going to go for a double with the 315 but hitting the hook misgrooved me to much to bother. Next time.

Front Squat - Clean Grip
WU to 255/285/315 x 1
265 x 3 - fhaak. I don't know if I'll continue with this grip. Freaking hurts too much.

Angle Grip Pull-ups
BW x 3/4/5/4/5/5/5/5/4 - 40r

Camber GM's 175 x 3 x 15r

BB Shrug 315 x 1 x 30r

Ab Wheel +40# Vest x 4 x 5r

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Bench Assistance

January 15, 2017

Bench Assistance day. Recorded a set of my Spoto stuff for fun. It helped my bench a lot in the past.

Spoto Bench
WU to 250 x 6 x 4r

During warm-ups Paused DB Row 100e x # x 3r
Rep Out 100e x 1 x 22r

During worksets Face Pulls M x 3 x 20r

BW +25 x 3 x 10r

JM Press
140 x 4 x 6r

Friday, January 13, 2017

B2 Deads

January 13, 2017

Block 2 Deads. Decided to play with the axle again as it's been a while. Also cutting things a bit due to just squatting and such on Wednesday. Next week is going to get a bit jumbled up a bit as well. Might start the week off on Sunday to fit things better but we'll see.

DO Axle Deadlift - Conventional
WU to 345 x 1 just shy of lockout. Pretty happy with this for not training it or much grip at all in ages.

Alt Grip
393 x 3 x 5r

DO Grip
303 x 2 x 5r

Thursday, January 12, 2017

W2 RBBP Bench

January 12, 2017
Before Supper

Week 2 of RBBP. Still recovering from Tuesdays blerch. Looking back through my journals for clues towards when I was at my best benching and one exercise I did a lot of was upright rows. Time to get them back in the mix.

Bench Press
WU to 265 x 5 x 3r

DB Row - Between warmup sets
100e x 11 x 3r
100e x 1 x 20r - at the end of the day

Pullaparts - between bench work sets
MM x 4 x 20r

Tate/Hex Press
50e x 4 x 8r

EZ Upright Row
85 x 4 x 8r

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

B1 Squat

January 11, 2017

Block 1 squats. Doing my workout from yesterday as I was up all through the wee hours of Tuesday with a horrendous bout of food poisoning. Slept all day yesterday and now it's time to get back at it. It should be interesting next week as I'll get to work up to a hard single or something like that.

Front Squat - clean grip
WU to 185 x 3 x 10r

V Grip Chins BW x 2/3/4/3/4/5/4/5/4 (34)

Camber GM's 175 x 4 x 10r

BB Paused Shrug 315 x 3 x 12r

Ab Wheel x 3 x 15r

I was going to do grippers and euro pinch but my fingers are all stretched out from using a clean grip on the squats. First time in a few years.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Bench Assistance

January 9, 2017
Before Supper

Bench assistance day. Changing it up a bit. DB Rows made my elbow feel a bit niggly.

Spoto Bench
WU to 245 x 6 x 4r

Dip - full stretch bb style
BW x 3 x 15r

Seated DB Shoulder Press - constant tut
40e x 10/15/15 - tough like that

JM Press - 2 fingers on smooth 135 x 4 x 7r
Ring Row BW x 4 x 15r

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Catch-up Day

January 7, 2017

Catch-up day.

2s Paused KB Shrug - Rear
90e x 3 x 13r

54 x 1 - kinda. Not clean enough
24 x 1/2/3/1/2/2

GHR Crunch
BW x 4 x 12r

Seated Conc. Curl
50e x 4 x 5r

Grippers between sets
R (125) 2.5 x 3/4/4/4
L (108) 2 x 8, (114) 2 x 3 x 6r

BFN's Right Only E x 4 x 3r

Friday, January 6, 2017

B3 Pulls

January 6, 2017
Before Supper

Block 3 pulls. Worked up to a heavyish single. This should be in the 90-95% range.

WU to 545 x 1

SSB Forward Lunges
105 x 3 x 8r

I'll play catchup tomorrow.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

RBBP Bench W1

January 5, 2017
Before Supper

Starting to get a bit beat up so I'm taking a step away from the lineal progression on bench and firing up RBBP with the weight I was going to do my 10 x 3's with today. Mild on accessories.

Bench Press
WU to 260 x 6 x 4r

DB Rows - during warmups
100e x 10/10/12 - I'll just add a couple reps a week

Pullaparts - during work
MM x 4 x 20r

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Grippers & Pinch

January 4, 2017

Time to start prepping for another comp.

1.5" Blockset Grippers
R 2.5 x 1/2/3/2
L 2 x 1/3/4/4/4

160 x 3 x 4r to 130 x 15r

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

B2 Squat

January 3, 2017

Block 2 squatting. Plan on doing a lot of work on my front squat this winter to get back in the 405 range again. It should have great carryover to when I go back to overhead pressing. At least it did before.

Front Squat WU to 225 x 3 x 5r
Have to find my groove again with these.

Angle Grip Chins - between squat sets
BW x 2/3/4/3/4/5/2/3/4r

Good Mornings 135 x 4 x 10r

Shrugs 2s Pauses 315 x 3 x 10r

Ab Wheel 5 x 10r

Monday, January 2, 2017


January 2, 2017

More medium benching. Side note is I sure sweat my guts out with rows.

Bench Press
WU to 235 x 5 x 7r

During Bench Warm-up
Strapped DB Rows WU to 186e x 3 x 8r

During Bench Worksets
Band Pull-Aparts M x 4 x 30r

EZ Skullcrushers to CG Bench Burnouts
105 x 2 x 8-8r

EZ Curl - close grip for a change
110 x 4 x 6r