Thursday, January 26, 2017

B2 Squat & W4 Bench

January 24, 2017

Block 2 squats.

Front Squat WU to 235 x 4
Angled Chins BW x 2 x 2/4/6r

Crap work. Failed on my 5th rep where I can get 10 with that weight easy. Had a big dive in bodyweight as well as some gut issues. Wanted to try it again on Wednesday but I was still rough so I just skipped it.

January 26, 2017

Was supposed to do 4x4 but not being able to keep good air past 3 reps really buggers me up. I just hit additional volume and used triples.

I lose too much tightness trying to rep quick as well. Much stronger if I take a good pause with each rep.

Left delt is starting to bug me again. This is what threw me off this time last year.

Bench Press
WU to 265 x 7 x 3r

Paused DB Rows during warmups
120e x 10 x 3r - left hand did a lot of popping during the first rep.

Pullaparts during worksets
MM x 5 x 25r

Bench w/Red SS
265 x 2 x 5r