Sunday, September 29, 2013

Some Arm Work

September 29, 2013

Band Iso's and Pulls on the Table

EZ Curls
WU to 125 x 3 x 3r
RP 95 x 14-5-3 15s rests

Wrist Curling & Hooking w/Maz Handle

Friday, September 27, 2013

Bench and Pulls

September 27, 2013

Still feeling good cutting the table time back to once per week. Benching is still feeling good and I'm starting to feel my groove again which is nice.

I wasn't getting sucked under as much as I'd like in the pulls tonight. More work.

Noon Work

1) Reverse Grip Bench to 225

2) Bench Press
265 x 1
290 x 3 x 2r
290 w/SS 10s Cluster Sets (4-4-2), (4-3)
Still one more than I'd normally do. I think 3(3)'s next time.

3) Band Pressdowns x 70r

Before Supper

1) Sumo DL
WU to 455 x 3 x 3r

2) 4" Block Snatch Grip CV Deadlifts
290 x 2 x 12r

3a) DB Rows - Strict as usual
85 x 3 x 15r, 25r

3b) Front Squats
WU to 205 x 2 x 8r

4) L Blob Curls - Dropset/Rest Pause - Just a break as I switched hands
37.5# x 4-3-3-3-2
Called it 15 reps at 75-80%

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Squats, Blobbin' & Curls

September 24, 2013

1a) Squats
WU to 415 x 3 x 3r

1b) Blobbing

Ran out of time so back to work.

Before Supper

Gassed. Tried to get some squatting assistance in but I was too damn pooped down there.

Squat 135 x 15r

EZ Curl - Strictish
115 x 5, 5, 6, 8, 8
125 x 5

Monday, September 23, 2013

Table Training with the Band

September 23, 2013
Before Supper

Lock iso's and reps with the Average band

Toproll and Hook iso's and reps with the average band

Lots of wrist curls and hooks with the Maz handle

4-5 sets of barbell finger curls up to a double with 225. Okay for being all freaking pumped up.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Bench, Pulls & Belching Fish Oil

September 20, 2013

Felt good today for benching. Makes one helluva difference if my pipes aren't ripped up from armwrestling. Last week to this was night and day.

Pulls felt good. I decided to throw in the snatch grip pulls to get the volume up and man it was good for getting svetty :). I ended up only doing two sets and dropped back my front squats to two sets as well. Enough for this fat guy.


1) Reverse Grip Bench to 255

2) Bench Press 285 x 3 x 2r

3) Bench Press w/SS 285 x 2 x 8r

4) Band Pushdowns x 65r

Before Supper

1) Sumo Deadlift
WU to 445 x 3 x 3r

2) Snatch Grip Sumo Deads from 4" Blocks
285 x 2 x 12r

3a) DB Row
80 x 4 x 15r

3b) Front Squat
200 x 2 x 8r

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Arm Stuff

September 19, 2013

Well I've probably been playing with my new heavy Metal Powerball too much the last few days but that's ok. I missed AW practice last night and there probably won't be another one until Matt gets back from kicking ass at Armwars right away.

Just did a bit of work during the lunch hour and some more here before supper. Nothing really scheduled but I'm really looking forward to tomorrow's deads and front squats to knock the DOMS out of my legs lol!

DB curls up to a few sets of 5-6 with 65#

EZ AW curls up to a couple sets of 10 with 115#

Played with my circus bell.

Worked up to a couple sets of 8 with my Maz style handle at 35# doing wrist curls.

2-3/8" wrist roller for a few continuous reps each way with 80#

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Squats n Pinch n Stuff

September 17, 2013
Before Supper

Had to look back in my records; today was the first time squatting over 400# since June 10 and that was the first time since May 6. Should be pretty interesting to see where I'm sitting once I start pushing singles in a few weeks.

I also marked up my chain on the Blobexxe so I can record progress and such. Best lifts after I marked it up ended up being 13 links lifted out of 15.

WU to 405 x 3 x 3r
315 x 10r

Shoulder Shocker
35/10 x 10-10-8

Band Hammers/Band Pressdowns x 50r

Work between core sets

Blobexxe lifts x 2 x 1r+h
Plus chain x 6 x 1r+h

HC Wrist Curls w/M type handle
25 x 15r
45 x 3 x 5r

Friday, September 13, 2013

Press & Pulls

September 13, 2013

Busted up the workout for a nooner and a bit before supper. Felt good other than my joints feeling a bit wrecked from last nights armwrestling practice. I'm also pretty sure my bench has regressed to 305-315. Oh well, I can just keep pushing it up again.


1) Bench Press - Reverse Grip to 265
WU to 280 x 2, 2, 1
2) 280 w/SS x 2 x 6r

3) Band Pushdowns x 57r

Before Supper

1) Sumo Deadlift
WU to 435 x 4 x 3r

2a) DB Row
65 x 4 x 15r

2b) Front Squat
195 x 3 x 8r

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Squats n' Stuff

September 10, 2013
Before Supper

Still going good. Elbows were a bit niggly so I didn't bother doing my EDT cycle.

1) Squat
WU to 395 x 3 x 3r
315 x 12r

2) Shoulder Shocker
35/10 x 8-8-8

3) Superset - 35#
DB Hammer Curl w/Manus x 8
DB Skullcrushers w/Manus x 8

Friday, September 6, 2013

Bench & Pull

September 6, 2013
Before Supper

I went and tried my regular bench again after yesterday's bugger up. I went to do my reverse grip stuff at lunch yesterday and something let loose in my palm from my left ring finger down. I ended up setting the bar down on my chest with 275, repositioned and pressed out a single. Figured I'd leave it alone and try again today. I can feel the regular bench again in my bicep and right shoulder but I took some Advil and carried on.

1) Bench Press
WU to 275 x 3 x 3r
275 w/Red Slingshot x 7, 8

2) Band Pushdowns x 50r

3) Sumo Deadlift
WU to 425 x 4 x 3r

4) Front Squat
190 x 3 x 8r

Monday, September 2, 2013

Squats 'n Stuff

September 2, 2013

First day going back to regular back squats since niggling my back a couple of weeks ago. Reps felt nice and tight so that's good. I also bumped up the weight for my EDT set and established a new baseline.

1) Squat
WU to 385 x 3 x 3r
315 x 10

2) Shoulder Shocker
25/5 x 15-15-8

3) 15 minute EDT - 35# DB's
3a) DB Hammer Curl w/Manus x 55r
3b) DB Skullcrushers w/Manus x 55r