Saturday, March 30, 2013

Light Bench, Assistance & AW Stuff

March 30, 2013
After Lunch

Looking forward to my first carb night tonight and I'm down about 10# now. In armwrestling training having a group this damn tough to train with will pay dividends. I'm still undecided whether or not to compete in late April...maybe.

1) Bench Press
185 x 2 x 10r

2) Pressdowns
105 x 2 x 8r

Left the skullcrushers out as the negative was bothering my elbow to much after doing the armwrestling last night.

3) Backhand Towel Curls/Pronations
25 x 20r
30 x 2 x 20r

4) Wrist Strengthener - Ulnar Dev Iso's
10 x 25s, 25s, 23s/25s

Piddled around a little with David's lock and there's a lot of torque! I think I'll leave this for more mid-week between armwrestling practice sessions. I think it'd be great if you weren't getting the table time but right now at twice a week I need to spend my time away from the table more focused on recovery I think.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

W2 Pull Day

March 28, 2013
Before Supper

I can sure feel the lack of carbs. Almost feels like working out with a cold. Just a bit weaker and a helluva lot sweatier hahaha! No grip today due to my finger being jacked up. Went double overhand on the deads up to 405 and held for a bit on top. After that I strapped up.

No warmups shown

1) Deadlift
450 x 1 x 2r

2) Deadlift - 90 second rests
365 x 8 x 3r

3) SLDL - Coan Style
240 x 10

4) Bent Rows - Coan Style
240 x 2 x 10r

5) V Grip Pulldowns
200 x 2 x 8r

6) DB Rows
125 x 10

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Re-evaluation Day

March 27, 2013

Well last week I started the Carb Night diet and also the standard Ed Coan program so I could start getting some work back in with a bit less volume than I was hitting.

I fired it up based on 100% of my 1RM last Thursday for press day and it was tough. Today I went back at it as it was supposed to be a repeat of last week but I just didn't have the gas/strength to even hit my reps from last week. Right around now my body should be converting to burning ketones so I think during this switch, lack of sleep, stress, etc. really made itself known today.

Thinking more about it I've got to many things working against me to make the progress as laid out using 100%. Caloric deficit, still stressed, no carbs, no PED's, etc. From here on I'll go with using 90% of my 1RM. This should still put 5# on my bench, etc. and be a lot more reasonable in this state.

No grip due to jacking up my finger the other day but I may do some AW stuff later.

Only showing work sets

1) Bench Press
235 x 8+1r
225 x 9

2) CG Bench Press
205 x 7
185 x 10

3) Incline DB Press
80e x 2 x 8r

4) Side Laterals
25e x 12, 10

5) Front Plate Raise
45 x 12, 12

Lifting Seminar - May 11-12

Monday, March 25, 2013

Squats and Hubbing

March 25, 2013

Another quick workout with this carb restriction. Sure makes a dude sweat a lot lol! Looking forward to getting back to some arm wrestling training tonight with the guys as it's been about 6 weeks or so. I was going to do some axle but left it out due to pulling later.

Just showing work sets.

1) Squats - NNN
300 x 2 x 8r

2) Paused Squats - NNN
265 x 2 x 5r

I was going to do some abs but they goy hit doing something else already and are a bit tender :)

I also did a couple submissions for the World of Grip forum; 45 hub curl with my back on the wall and 45 hub hold for time.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Bench Assistance Day

March 23, 2013

1) Bench Press
200 x 2 x 10r

2) Tricep Pushdowns
100 x 2 x 10r

3) Oly Bar Skull Crushers
95 x 7, 8

4) EZ Preacher Curls
115 x 8, 7

Grip done between other sets

Choked grippers x 4

MMS plus Overcrush x 3

45 Hub Curls

Friday, March 22, 2013

Pull and Assistance Work

March 22, 2013
Before Supper

Did a bunch of chest and arm stretching to help my supination ROM. I'll probably stop mentioning it as it'll be daily work. Today was also day two without carbs and feeling good. Seeing a couple pounds of water drop so far.

With my pulls and stuff I intended on strapping up to not impede my supination progress and recovery. Instead I did all of my pulls double overhand with the exception if the second 420 pull I did with a hook. Other than those I strapped up. Doing the chin style pulldowns I could feel it in my wrists a lot so I think I'll switch to the V-bar for a neutral grip next time.

I also changed my deadlift stance a bit by narrowing it and straightening my feet some. Felt good.

I left grip out today as well and will probably hit some gripper and blob work tomorrow.

No warmups shown and did everything in less than an hour. Feel great!

1) CV Deadlift - Beltless and DO
420 x 1 x 2r

2) CV Deadlift - Beltless, DO and 90s rests
335 x 8 x 3r

3) Coan Style SLDL Standing on a Plate
235 x 1 x 10r

4) Coan Style BB Rows Standing on a Plate
235 x 2 x 10r

5) Underhand Grip Pulldowns
200 x 2 x 8r

6) DB Rows
125 x 1 x 8r

Thursday, March 21, 2013

First Day Back

March 21, 2013
Before Supper

Well today's my first workout since getting back from Tucson. I really enjoy the sights and food down there but even more memorable are the great people located there and that come to Aaron's comps. If you are ever thinking of travelling for a comp this is definitely a good one to hit.

I'm also shifting gears again. I've just got to much fat and stress to continue like I have been. Carb Night has begun as well as some more truncated workouts. In general I'm looking to either maintain or hopefully get a tad stronger during this cut of 35-40#.

My stats as of now:
Bodyweight - 272#
Blood Pressure - 115/73
Heart Rate - 70 bpm

1) Bench Press - Warm up and then
235 x 2 x 10r

2) Narrow Grip Bench
210 x 8, 6

3) Incline DB Press
80e x 2 x 8r

Pinch done between presses

2HP Euro 48mm w/new grip
54 x 8
104 x 5
154 x 2
174 x 1
184 x f
154 x 4 x 3r

TTK Mini Reps for Time - 40mm - 60s Rests
10# x 5 x 6s

I'll try a wider grip next time and see how it feels as it was feeling good when Aaron and I were putzing around and I got some good tutoring.

I've also been doing some stretching to help my really poor ROM based on Jedd's suggestions. I'm thinking a little flexibility is going to help me immensely.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Last Workout before the Comp.

March 10, 2013

1a) Back Squat - NNN - Paused
45 x 4, 5, 5
135 x 3
225 x 2
315 x 1
365 x 1
405 x 3 x 1r
IT band was really tight from my hip down on the right leg. I'll have to get rolling.

1b) Euro 2HP
54 x 10
104 x 3
154 x 2
174 x 1
184 x 1
194 x h, just shy of lockout
174 x 5, 4
Monkeyed with the chalk on the implement before the 194 attempts. I should've left it alone.

2a) Bench Press
45 x 8
135 x 5
225 x 2
265 x 4 x 3r, 5

2b) 2" V-Bar
115 x 3
170 x 1
180 x 1
190 x 1 - Easy Peasy

3) Blobexxe Bench Loads
41 x 2
43.2 x 2
46 x h/1, almost/h

4a) TTK Mini-reps at 40mm
10 x 30

4b) High Cable AW Wrist Curls
35 x 25

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Squats and Grip Stuff

March 6, 2013
Before Supper

Huge stress. Nuff said.

1a) Squat - 2 min between sets
45 x 5, 4
135 x 3
235 x 10
265 x 10
Add Spud belt. Back was getting tight.
285 x 10

1b) Choked Grippers + O/C - 5 x 1r

2a) AG Axle Deadlifts
Sumo 213 x 5
Sumo 303 x 5
Sumo 393 x 5
CV 393 x 5
Sumo 393 x 5

2b) MMS Gripper + O/C - 5 x 1r

3) DB Bench Press
65e x 2 x 20r

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Some Bicep Stuff

March 5, 2013
Before Supper

Just some bicep work between squat days :D. It's not a ton of volume but doing all of those squats is making me take 2 days between to feel recovered enough. Hopefully by the end I'll be able to pull it back to a day between again. Anywho this puts Saturday as my last day and one week before the comp so it works out well anyways.

Concentration Curls w/Manus
35 x 10

Strictish DB Curls
65 x 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 4
70 x 1, 2/1

Lock work on the table

Concentration Curls w/Manus
40 x 18

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Axle and Squats

March 3, 2013
Before Supper

Between sickness, work and life stuff getting in the way it's tough getting my workouts in recently. Stressed out and still have a lingering cold.

1) DO Sumo Axle Deadlifts
123 x 5
213 x 2
263 x 2
303 x 2.5+1, 1, 1 - 3rd rep on the 1st set popped right at the top
263 x 9 - All nice and crisp

2a) NNN Squat
45 x 5, 4
135 x 3
225 x 10
245 x 10
265 x 10
285 x 2 x 10r

2b) Blobexxe Loads to the bench then to the floor
41# x 2/2, 4/3, 4/3, 3/3, 3/2

3) Seated DB Presses - Seated cleans as well
70e x 11, 8, 8 - Was going to do one more set of 8 but something didn't feel right in my left braich so I left it.