Wednesday, January 18, 2017

W3 RBBP Bench

January 18, 2017

Week 3 RBBP Bench. Gail was distracting me on my first set so I just dropped the weight so she could keep chatting.

Bench Press
WU to 255 x 4
250 x 4 x 5r - did an extra set just because

Paused DB Rows during warm-ups 100e x 10 x 3r

Pullaparts during Bench work sets MM x 4 x 25r

WG (middle finger on ring) 155 x 20, 12

Triceps are feeling overworked. Thinking about dropping the weight and upping the pauses on the Spoto pressing and doing more chest oriented assistance on my main press day.

I also didn't do an AMAP set on the rows. Thinking I may just do that once per week as well.