Tuesday, January 31, 2017

W3 Squat

January 31, 2017
Before Supper

Week 3 squat. I'm no scientist or anything but the way my hamstrings get hit from back squats seems to dispute a lot of the "new" info out there that it's mainly quad with some glute at lockout.

Front Squat
135/185/205/225/245 x 2r

WU to 315 x 5 x 5r

V-Grip Chins between sets BW x 2/3/4/3/4/5/4/5/6/3/4/5/1 (50r)

Seated Band Leg Curls Avr x 20/20/15 - ouch!

Hanging Leg Raise x 3 x 8r