Sunday, August 30, 2015

W1 - New Cycle - Squats

August 31, 2015

Week 1. Start of a new cycle. If anyone's interested I can let you know how I finally laid things out. It's a 10 week cycle with some of my stuff and others.

Niggled my back a little coming up from my last squat rep. Hope it's nothing.

45 x 4 x 3r
135 x 3
225 x 2
315 x 1
365 x 7 x 3r

Seated Band Leg Curl w/hold
Avr + MM x 3 x 10r

Seated DB Shrug w/3s contraction
65e x 3 x 10r

McGill Pull-ups - Wide
BW x 9r

Standing Band Crunch
HY x 3 x 15r