Monday, July 10, 2017

Ft Edmonton Games

July 10, 2017

Had a great day competing at the Ft. Edmonton games yesterday. Got another 3 PR's with garbage form as well. Luckily Aaron was taking lots of pictures so I can see a lot of technique issues to clear up and work on.

Another positive was after my first heavy hammer throw something went in my gimped shoulder and it was fine for the rest of the day although I didn't want to risk hurting it with the caber. Maybe a week or so it'll tighten up a bit to protect itself. I'm thinking it must be a nerve pinch.

Biggest "work on" items:
-staying long and loose for both the hammers and weight for distance

-get my head up/back for hammers

- get my hips around for wfd. I finished a lot of throws with my left leg still leading

I'm going to really work on my shoulder flexibility as well. I think it'll help a lot for hammers and WoB.