Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Got the #1 Reverse Bend Spot - 1" Wraps

Well I just edged out David Wigren for the #1 spot on the Benders Battlefield certification list. Personally I think I've probably just awoke the giants that'll come and put me in my place hahaha!

Next ones to got for me will be 390, 405 and 450. I feel very confident on the 405. 450 we'll have to put some real stank on to bend I think :-)

Here's the list with the rules and the top spots for anyone interested in giving it a go. Benders Battlefield has a ton of different certifications to keep things interesting plus the rules are very rigorously enforced. I'd suggest posting a test video for the judges to look at just to make sure you're not missing something and get DQ'd and waste some calibrated/rated steel.

1" Diameter Suede or Leather Wrap Reverse List

Postby Jon Umpherville » Wed Feb 03, 2010 11:08 pm
Rules for Reverse:

Style: Arms extended outwards, with hands in a reverse style grip, no bracing of elbows against the body, from the shoulders (no higher) to the waist (no lower) for a legal bend

Wraps: 1" diameter suede, or leather wraps are allowed. Wraps must be one piece only per side. The rules on how wraps are measured were amended a little while back after some agreement that a ruler was not sufficient enough for measurement. We forgot to mention this amendment. So, to date - Feb. 28, 2010 - all submissions done with a ruler were accepted. However, henceforth, all wrapping that requires measurement per the Benders Battlefield certification rules must be measured using a caliper or a pre-drilled hole that will be measured on camera, prior to feeding wraps through. Please take some time and read through the rules again as necessary.

Time limit: Bar must be kinked to 40 degrees in 30 seconds and shown with a protractor.

Remember: please keep the bar in frame at all times. Please show both sides of the wraps at some point in the video. Please measure the length and diameter of your bar

No wraps, tape, supports or sleeves may be used on any part of the arm or hand.

7" 0-1 Drill Rod
1. Jason Steeves, 9/32", 375lbs., Video
2. David Wigren, "K", 355lbs., Video
3. Andy Thomas, 1/4", 255 lbs, Video