Friday, October 21, 2011

Ironmind Forum Crap

I was reading about Gale Gillinghams passing just now on the Ironmind site and decided to see what was up in the forum. I tend not to go there much as it seems like a bunch of hostility and crap flying around all of the time. It didn't take me anymore then reading into the first post to have my stomach turned.

It's such a nauseating feeling reading the crap that goes on there. One of my biggest peeves is that Randall and friends don't like seeing grip/bending guys giving each other atta-boys for non-world class feats. We congratulate each other because we're proud these people are accomplishing their goals and that's something to feel good about.

Someone that's 40 and benches 300 for the first time in their life is going to get an atta boy. This goes for the 400 pound deadlifter, the guy that finally closes a #2 gripper after fighting with it for a year, the guy that reverses his first 60d nail....These are milestones. Not because they're breaking world records but because they're not laying on the couch. They're accomplishing stuff. Stuff that they couldn't do a day, week, month or even years before. We help celebrate these people because they're getting better and becoming better people.

I'm terribly sorry to have attached any of my bitterness to the Gillingham's post. I'm just frustrated. It's quite a pot of cold water thrown in your face when you're reading of interest about a really interesting man and then SPLOOSH! Randall.