Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pulls and stuff

October 26, 2011
Pulls and stuff

1) Suitcase Deads
135 x 1/1
185 x 1/1
235 x -/- Should've warmed up first  ;)

2) Deadlift - Froggy
315 x 6, 6, 6, 6, 6, 5, 5, 5 14:00

3) Gripper - 3/4" Block Set
IM 2.5 x 7/3, 5/-, 4/-, 4/-, 3/- 8:20 Left elbow still tweaky

4a) Band Hammers
MM x 50, 25

4b) Band Pressdowns
MM x 25, 20 3:50

5) Wrist Thingy - Each Way
80# on Pin x 12, 12 4:50

Pulls felt good. I think a good goal to set for myself is 405# x 100 in 30 minutes by my 40th next May. It might change my body composition a bit along the way to lol.

Decided to use my Wrist thingy again as it's been a while. I looked at Climbers workout just to get an idea where to jump in at.  :shock:  Tough bugger he is! I think I'll fab up some sort of pin to fit into my rack for my wrist thingy and roller so I don't have to put the bar plus weight on every time I want to use it.

Starting a bending race with one of the benders over at Benders Battlefield to reverse a 455# x 7" piece of 0-1 drillrod in 1.25" wraps. I'll use my 1" wraps as anything thicker doesn't do anything for my reverse. DO is a different story though  :D

If anyone's interested in any of Climbers implements like the Climber Curl, Climber Pinch, Wrist Thingy, etc. his site is: Climber511 Equipment