Monday, October 31, 2011

What I did in October

Well I felt like crap due to a cold for a couple of weeks and had a bit of personal stuff going on that threw my workouts off a bit. The point that stands out with this month is my reverse bending PR's and my pull volume (on the days that I pulled that is). I was also pleasantly surprised when I did my first bout of squats in a month, month and a half and they remained relatively strong.


  • Reverse Bend
    • 5/16" x 7" HRS in a single IM pad to ~30' First time trying
    • 375# x 7" 0-1 in 1" Singles Cert
    • 405# x 7" 0-1 in 1" Singles Cert
    • 500# x 6" 0-1 in 1" Singles Cert (Not yet approved but bent to 53')
    • FBBC 6" x 1/4" Square Cert
    • FBBC 5.5" x 1/4" Square Cert
  • Bent another 28" x 5/8" HRS within the time limit easy
  • Did some sort of pull 7 times this month and moved 73,550#
  • Closed my grippers 179 times. Mainly the right as my left arm's bugging me a bit
  • Pinched 286 times. A lot with just the right as well
  • Moved 165,666#'s in 326 minutes = 508#/min average