Tuesday, May 2, 2017

D1 Squat

May 2, 2017
Before Supper

Day 1 of using one of the 5/3/1 templates for my squat. Decided to ride out the SSB for a couple of cycles as well.

Started incorporating the McGill 3 back as my warmup again. It does help a lot. I just get lazy and stop doing it when I'm feeling better then end up hurt again.

I'm going to give myself a couple days rest from all of the pull-ups and start again with the weighted 12 day cycle.

McGill 3 (McGill Crunches, Side Planks, and Bird-Dags)

SSB Squat
260/300 x 5
340 x 7
260 x 4 x 8r

Suppers on so I called it here.