Thursday, May 11, 2017

W1 Bench

May 11, 2017

Week 1 of some 531 benching. Going to use the axle for a while because why not. Going to run a 531 variant as I see some experienced folks out there making good progress on it again. Going to use jokers and some "first set last" volume work. Main back work is going to be on squat and deadlift days.

Groove is a bit different with the axle. Hitting my chest a lot more then power bar benching. Should be more pounds in the tank as I work up and get recruiting it more in the movement I'm guessing.

Axle Bench Press
183/213 x 5
243 x 8
JK 253/263 x 5
JK 273/283 x 2
JK 293 x 1
183 x 5 x 8r

Band Y's between Bench Sets 5 x 20r

Band Pressdowns & Holds Avr x Pro 2 x 20r, Ham 2 x 20r