Friday, September 30, 2011

Pulls, Pinch and Bending

Sept 30, 2011
Pulls, Pinch and Bending

1) Deadlift - Frog Stance
315 x 1
405 x 1
475 x 1, 1
495 x 1
525 x halfway up my thighs
515 x 6" crapped out

2) Reverse Band Pulls - Stiff Bar - Greens (100# off bottom)
495 x 1, 1

3) 2HP @ 54mm
107 x 4
157 x 3, 4
162 x 4, 3, 4
167 x 3
172 x 3, 1
177 x 1
182 x 1
187 x 1

4) Reverse in Singles
5-1/2" gr8 x 43' in 2 hits

Well I learned a few things tonight. The first being my floor speed to just about 3-4" above my knees on the pulls is great then I stall. I'm thinking getting some reverse band deads in here may help.

I set up the green bands with my thick/stiff bar and gave it a go for a couple. Either I was to pooped already or that really stiff bar makes a huge difference, man those were a lot tougher than they should've been.

2HP was going great then I nicked myself at the same spot as last time. Probably wasn't healed enough I'm guessing. I alternated which side I pinched from with each set just to change things up a bit. I feel 200# should be coming by the end of the year.

I'm also pretty happy with my progress on reverse bending. 2 hits and the wraps were only maybe an 1/8" apart so I may look at doing something for David's list in the future.

Oh, one thing to mention is I've been sicker than hell the last couple of days. Hopefully the pulls break it outta me.