Thursday, November 3, 2011

My Thoughts on Bending

This is what it's about. That point where you have to tell yourself this freaking thing IS bending. Like many lifters one of the things that keeps a guy doing this stuff in the basement is the PR or PB (personal record or personal best). I love being able to do something that in absolutely no other time in my life have I been able to up until that exact moment. The thing with steel is there are half bent and wobbled peices laying around taunting you of your failure. You couldn't do it then. You know you gave it everything you had; all the energy, the pain and still it wouldn't succumb to you.

A guy works some more, steels the will then one day it flattens and twists so easily you're amazed that it ever put up a fight. Plus you get a nice little memento.

Steel bending is all about mementos and PR's. Life is about PR's. Get better every day folks and have fun :D