Thursday, November 17, 2011

Working the wrists at work

It's not what you're thinking you sick sons a bitches! Lol!
Brought my offset wrist handle thing into my office and was doing some sets in between completing pages on a company survey. The implement is basically a 2" OD handle about 6" long with a 1" pin for plates set at 90' from the one end. I use Ivanko spring collars to keep the weight out towards the end.
With this device you have to keep a good crush grip to keep the bugger from spinning plus it tries to torque the wrist a lot by being offset.
I'm going to keep it in my office and hopefully get lots of workouts in.
November 17, 2011 - This Morning
Offset Wrist Bar
10# Set out to the end
1a) Wrist Curls - Weight Thumb Side
15, 15, 15
1b) Wrist Curls - Weight Pinkie Side
15, 15, 15
2a) Hammer Curls - Weight Pinkie Side
10, 10, 10
2b) Hammer Curls - Weight Thumb Side
10, 10, 10