Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Arizona Grip Shootout 5 Write Up

March 17, 2012

I had an awesome time down in Arizona and am seriously thinking this is a competition I'd like to make every year. Everyone I met was super. I'd really like to thank Aaron, Heidi and little Juniper for their hospitality, food and great company. They truly are good people. Zach and his little guy also went out of their way for me and really made me welcome. Derek also is a spot on guy who helped taxi me around a bit. Every other competitor was as friendly as they were strong. I really enjoyed meeting everyone and hope to get back there again. It'd very motivating getting to spend some time with like minded individuals in regards to gripping but also just being great people and having a good laugh, typically because of my thick accent lol!

I learned a lot from this comp. in regards to strategy and was really working to push Zach. He smoked us bad in the medley. I really need to get my wide pinch up especially since it's usually such a main event in medleys. After the comp. I could barely move and everyone was the same. No one left anything on the table.

I arrived on Friday and Zach picked me up at the airport. We headed to Aaron's in the sweltering heat (at least for this Canuck) and gave as much help as we could to Aaron to help get ready for the comp. He really put in a lot of time and effort on this thing and it was very much appreciated by everyone. That evening when the last of the grippers was rated we headed to Pinnacle Peak for some kick ass mesquite wood cooked steak. Awesome! I won't bring up er Zach's er portion hahaha! 12

The next morning Aaron, Zach and I got everything loaded and nearly bottoming out the vehicles with weight. Zach went over early to get everyone weighed in. Thankfully most everyone was there to help unload.

Tim showed up but was unable to compete due to being really ill. I'm surprised that he came to say hi in the shape he was in but it was also very appreciated. It's to bad he wasn't there to compete. It would've been great to watch Aaron and Tim square off with each other and push each others numbers.

Once the group pictures were taken and the introductions were done we kicked off with grippers. Derek was beginning his ammonia huffing spree of the day lol! Awesome closes by everyone.

We went into Aaron's newly modified 2HP next. It was very slick to adjust widths so the weight just kept climbing. Aaron was definitely affected from all of the crafting, loading and unloading from the morning and the previous days getting ready for the comp. It's to bad but we're thankful that he put the effort in but it's to bad it was to his detriment in his weights moved that day.

Next was the axle. It felt awesome and some great numbers were moved. It's pretty inspiring to see someone like Aaron still warming up and toying with the weight most of us were hitting our 3rd and 4th attempts on.

2" V bar was great. Watching Martin and Daniel was really cool. Big numbers coming.

The freaking medley was a killer. I think 27 items within 5 minutes. I'll see if I can list them all:

  • 5 dimes load
  • 4 dimes load
  • 3 dimes load
  • 40# blob load
  • 45# blob load
  • 50# blob load
  • 50# blob fat man load
  • Blobzilla load
  • 2 x 25's load
  • 2 x 45's load
  • Rich's 2-3/8" handled thingy load
  • IM #2 CCS
  • Rich's damn tough chest spring compression
  • Unbraced bend 60d in BB Cordura
  • Unbraced bend 6" x 1/4" gr5 in BB Cordura
  • 45# Gibson Hub
  • 45# (can't remember) Hub
  • 45# Standard brand wide/flat Hub
  • 45# New Ironmind Hub
  • 200# New Rolling Thunder 
  • 25# plate curl
  • 35# plate curl
  • 45# plate curl
  • 75# two hand plate curl
  • 6# sledge front raise
  • 16kg kettlebell hammer curl
  • Kettlebell from the bottom pinch (can't recall the weight)
  • 150# Saxon bar clean
  • 300# two hand galvanized 2" "post pull"
  • 2 x RT chin up
  • Phonebook tear
  • Gracie bell
  • Inch bell
After this everyone was freaking gassed. I did a bunch of the wrap rolling for the other competitors and my thumbpads got painfully pumped getting them buggers tight. Afterwards we putzed around and pulled a few feats. 

Aaron went to handing out his custom made trophies which looked great and will be a great addition to the winners shelves. All of the sponser provided items were also great and really appreciated. I'd also like to thank Heidi for bringing everyone sandwiches, bananas and assorted other food to help keep us all going. Super cool.

Zach passed around some outstanding home brew which I regretfully turned down. I knew if I had any I'd just collapse. We all got the truck and Zach's van loaded and the 3 of us got everything back into Aaron's shop/workout room.

Aaron and I sat around and popped a few Advil while our arms throbbed and my feet killed me from being in Chuck's all day. Aaron's hands were pink for 2 days.

Anyways the whole experience was awesome. I learned a ton, met great people and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I really appreciate everything and everyone down there.

I also forgot to mention David Delgado. He was a huge help taking score during the entire comp. and also Derek was really helpful and keeping things moving along.