Friday, March 2, 2012

Pressing, Pinching, Thick Bar

March 2, 2012

1a) Seated BTN Press
45 x 10
105 x 5
170 x 5, 5, 5, 5, 4

1b) Blobbing with a York 50
Iso's x 1, 1
Couch x 1, 1
Drags on Carpet x 1
Assisted x 1, 1

Pressing felt good although I didn't hit my reps (missed by 1) but I wasn't going to do a bunch of struggling. Pinching was going good. Surprisingly it was my right hand today that was vastly stronger.

Before Supper

1) Bench Press - Pinkies on Rings
45 x 10
155 x 5
235 x 3, 3
285 x 1
305 x 1, F
275 x 3, 3, 3, 3

2) Axle Pendley Rows
123 x 5
233 x 8, 8, 8

3) 2" Rope Horizontal Rows
BW x 5, 5

4a) Band Pressdowns
MM x 25, 15, 12

4b) Hammer Curl
40# ea w/Grip4orce x 5
40# ea x 12, 8+3

Trying another new thing tonight on the press which was trying to "snap" the bar and really flex the lats. I basically had to pull the bar down the last inch or so. This method felt strong with lighter weights but as soon as I started going up I was finding it very taxing on my triceps and forearms and the bar got into a weird position once in my hands. Due to all of this 305 felt heavy and I missed it right at the bottom with my second rep. Pissed I just decided to knock some weight off and do some triples to finish off tonight's pressing.

I bought a climbing rope a couple of weeks ago and decided to get a bit of use out of it. The hammer curls with the Grip4orce was a no go as my hands were already pooped. I did the pressdowns and curls as a near nonstop circuit. It's time for some vanity guns for a fun Adam Glass contest. I'm starting at 18-7/8" cold and 19-1/8" with a pump. Time to get eating lol.