Sunday, February 5, 2012

Whatever Day: Support Work

February 5, 2012

1a) BB Rows
225 x 12, 12, 12

1b) Gripper
T x 5, #2 x 3, Choked #3@25mm x vvn/0.25" - Just felt tired. Maybe from the crusher.

2a) EZ Skullcrushers behind the head
115 x 8, 8, 7

2b) DB Curls
30e x 20, 15, 10

I had limited time to get some work in today so I took very little time in between the first superset but my grip was feeling tired.

The second superset I did like a non-stop circuit  as time was running out. Skullcrushers behind the head felt way stronger today. I think I lost a lot of curl reps as my arms were pretty stinking pumped as I was trying to run through this. I'll stick with 115 on the SC until I'm getting in the 15-20 rep range.