Monday, December 12, 2016


December 12, 2016

Meh day. Going to switch it up again to a Ditillo/Hepburn type program. I'll run it up like this until I stall then go back to a wave type program. Man I've lost a lot of pressing strength this year. Did a bunch of reviewing past press days. One thing though is ladders worked in the short term to help me get some quick recovered gains. My worst press day this year was Nov 2 when I stalled at 295 and only managed 260 for a triple. Basically 50# off from January although I'm 45# or so lighter now as well.

Bench Press
WU to 285 x 1/2/3/2
295 x 10 x 1r
Add SS
295 x 4, 5

EZ FG Curl 95 x 4 x 6r
Ring Face Pull BW x 4 x 10r