Friday, December 30, 2016

B1 Deadlift

December 30, 2016

Block 1 deadlift

Snatch Grip Deads - 7" Block - Reg Grip
WU to 275 x 4 x 8r

SSB Forward Lunges - Quad dom.
WU to 95 x 3 x 8r
I want to devote more time to unilateral work. I think a bunch of my niggles and such are due to imbalances which this stuff should flush out. Basically learning the movement all over again.

2s KB Shrug - Behind Back
2 x 90e x 3 x 15r

Mid Grip Neutral Chin
BW x 3 x 1/2/3r
Grip change so starting from the bottom again.

GHR Crunch BW x 3 x 12r
Seated Conc. Curl 45e x 4 x 6r