Tuesday, March 28, 2017

W11 Squat

March 28, 2017

Week 11 squat. Everything felt good today except my buggered left wrist. Setting the trainer hurt.

Today was also the first time trying parallel setting grippers and I really surprised myself with how close I'm getting my 164# Elite. My previous best years ago would've been about 152-155# back in early 2010.

Squat WU to 360 x 4 x 5r
Gripper Forcers E(164#) x 4 x 1r

Speed Squat 195 plus doubled MM(200) x 6 x 2r - 30s rests

GHR +40# Vest x 3 x 8r

2.5(125) + 12.5# x 10s
2.5(125) + 15# x 10s

Standing Band Oblique Crunch XH x 3 x 12r