Friday, March 3, 2017

W7 Bench

March 3, 2017
Before Supper

Week 7 bench. Got a bit distracted on my bench by supersetting the half-penny but it's okay. Did an extra set by accident and broke the 30# milestone.

Bench Press WU to 250 x 6 x 5r

During warmups
Standing Band Crunches Str x 2 x 10r
Oblique Band Crunches Str x 3 x 10r

1/2 Penny Picks during worksets and warmups
WU to 30.0 x 1 right
30.5 x 3 x lifts to height but dropped
Holds 24.4 x 10s/7s, 5s/8s - skin is pretty trashed

CG Bench Press w/feet up, touching smooth
185 x 3 x 10r
Band Pullaparts MM x 3 x 30r