Saturday, March 4, 2017

W7 Deads

March 4, 2017

Week 7 deads. Pulled sumo to not load up my back so much. Happy with the 2HP. I should have a good PR coming in April. Took awhile until I could curl my fingers after that. Noticing that I'm starting to get some vascularity to my arms as well. Chicks dig a vascular man amirite!?!

Sumo Deads WU to 465 x 5 x 1r

Parallel Grip Chins +25 x 4 x 3r

45' Hyper x 4 x 12r

Grip between sets:

1.5" Blockset Gripper during warmups x 5/5/6/6/5/3

Euro Wrist Curls after Grippers 3 x 5r

Euro Picks during Worksets 175 x 4/4/8 to 145 x 15r

EZ Reverse Wrist Curl 35 x 3 x 25r