Thursday, March 2, 2017

W7 Squat

March 2, 2017

Week 7 squat and grip. Week is a bit buggered due to my back niggle and watching the grandgoober. Watching the volume and such to get back on track for next week.

Diet got a bit pooched over the past week or so as well. 232# today.

Front Squats 135/185/225/245 x 2r
V Grip Pull-ups 3 x 8r, Chins 3 x 8r

Squat 340 x 5 x 5r
1.5" Blockset Grippers 4 x 1r, 2 x 3r

2" Adj Thick Bar
142.5 x 3
187.9/212.9/233.2 x 1