Wednesday, January 11, 2012

2011 in Review

Well 2011 was a year to get back at it. I didn't do a ton of training in the last 3/4 of 2010 and I needed to get some work done to come back. For the main part of the year I did Wendler's 5/3/1 style of programming then worked with Adam Glass and the Gym Movements protocol from September on.

5/3/1 was good and I made good gains up until I stalled with my pressing movements. I found this very frustrating. I was eating good and putting in my effort diligently but I stopped moving forward. Next I went with Adams online and conference call based Super Strength coaching. I really enjoyed this and learned a lot. I made decent gains and started playing a lot more with variations of movements, rest periods and effort. In the end I didn't stick 100% with the program but I am continuing to use some of the tenets as I feel they are quite viable. I just have a problem not having at least some kind of guideline/program to work to.

Achievements I'm proud of hitting in 2011:

  • Pinched 2x35's
  • Pinched 5 loose dimes
  • Pinched my 50# Legacy blob
  • 67.5# Hub Lift
  • 187# on the Euro pinch
  • 25" x 5/8" A36 HRS Braced Bend for a World of Grip Cert
  • Tore a COSSD directory in half  6.5" x 8.5" x 3" Thick (1,578 pages)
  • Wrist Developer w/orange spring level 14
  • Reverse Bend in 1" suede 5.5" x 1/4" FBBC Square
  • Reverse Bend an IM Red Nail in 1" Suede
  • Double Underhand bend  6" x 1/4" FBBC Square
  • MMS my HG400, all of my #3's 
  • Oly bar squat 415
  • SSB squat 405
  • CV deadlift 515
  • Strict log press 200
All of the core lifts were from a while back and I'm confident I can beat any of them right now so that's a good feeling heading into 2012 with as well :D

Have a great year folks!