Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Az Cactus Grip 2012

Copied and pasted from the Gripboard. I intend on making this competition and damn well better get my ass in gear lol.

So I have gotten the requisite preliminary OK from the boss to put on the Comp in the coming year. Gonna shoot for mid March I think, March 17th, 2012. Prolly a couple of weeks after the Arnold. This thread is to put out the events I am considering and get feedback and/or suggestions for alternate ones. If we have at least 3 Elite competitors sign up there will be Elite, Open, and Novice classes contested. I plan to hand make some unique Trophies in a design I have come up with as well. Should be a ton of fun as usual and a nice weather change for folks from colder climates. This time of year is usually when I'm planting tomatoes here for comparison.

Current event schedule under consideration

Grippers (max close, Single hand contested. Grippers RGC Rated)

2 Hand Pinch Euro device (multiple widths contested, weights calibrated)

DO Axle DL (using Ironmind Axle)

2" FBBC Vbar (Optional at this point)